MBAA District Rocky Mountain Press Release – November 2013

On November 7, 2013, Rocky Mountain District held is annual joint meeting with ASBC Wild West chapter at MillerCoors brewery in Golden, CO. The evening’s program began with happy hour and dinner in Bill’s Bar, before heading to the Coors Auditorium for the business portion and technical presentation.

Our business meeting started with updates from Kelly Tretter, ASBC Secretary. Important updates include a change in membership, to include access to the Methods of Analysis and quarterly live webinars. ASBC is also introducing a “Meeting in a Box,” an all-encompassing meeting any brewery can host. The first meeting in a box kicks off on the topic of yeast at Avery Brewery Company January 29, 2014. ASBC technical committee is currently supporting 16 subcommittees and standing committees, continuing to develop the Methods of Analysis. They are doing a short collaborative study to measure VDK in beer by gas chromatography/electron capture detection. Contact Grant Reuhle at

Jon Kemp gave updates from the MBAA national front, giving an overview of MBAA’s Vision and Mission, New programs include an interactive online Brewpedia, and a new short course in Brewing Engineering and Utilities September 2014. Membership, finances and non-profit status was also discussed.

November is election time for MBAA-RMD as well, and we voted in new officers! Congratulations to our 2014 RMD district officers:

Past President – Gary Dick, New Belgium Brewing Co
President – Jon Kemp, Anheuser-Busch Inbev
Vice President/ BOG Rep – Dana Johnson, Birko Corp.
Treasurer – Jim Canary, retired
Secretary/Publicity/Web Manager – Ali Hamm, Willamette Valley Hops and CSU
Entertainment – Tamar Banner, New Belgium Brewing Co
Packaging Chair – Jesse Brookstein, Avery Brewing Co
Technical Co-Chair – Finn Knudsen, Knudsen Beverage Consulting
Technical Co-Chair – Jeff Biegert, New Belgium Brewing Co
Scholarship Chair – Jeff Biegert, New Belgium Brewing Co
Membership – Alex Violette, Upslope Brewing Co
Member at Large – Craig Taylor, Pumphouse Brewing Co
Historian – Dave Thomas, Beer Sleuth Plc

The presenter for our joint meeting was Mustafa Rehmanji, the Global R&D/ Technical Service Manager at Ashland, Inc of Wayne, NJ. The presentation did a great job describing haze-formation and beer stabilization, and offered several strategies to stabilize beer and therefore increase shelf life. A new procedure using “Polyclar Brewbrite, Composite of Kappa Carrageenan and micronized PVPP” has been developed for the brewhouse, allieviating downstream processes and lowering costs. A downstream procedure that was proposed was the use of “Polyclar Plus 730, Composite of Silica Xerogel and Micronized PVPP” just prior to filtration. In summation, Rehmanji offered two procedures to stabilize beer with the addition of a single novel composite, on upstream in the brewhouse and one downstream prior to filtration.

After the presentation was complete, Technical Chair Finn Knudsen presented Mustafa Rehmanji with an engraved mug from the district.


Ali Hamm
Secretary/Publicity Chair/Web Manager
Master Brewers Association of the Americas – District Rocky Mountain
November 2013