MBAA-RMD Press Release – February 2017

On February 24th, 2017, the Rocky Mountain District held its winter meeting at Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton, CO.

President Dana Johnson started the formal meeting with discussion of an upcoming event at Left Hand Brewing. He then went over the financials of the Rocky Mountain MBAA District, and encouraged members to apply for the available scholarship opportunities.

Dana then introduced Andrew Dagnan, from Breckenridge Brewery. Andrew presented on the safe handling of barrel aged beers. The topics included the safety issues associated with transportation, stacking, washing, and emptying of barrels. The overview of transportation included forklift use and management, manual handlers, and forklift attachments for moving single barrels. Andrew then went over proper storage of barrels including rack inspection, proper stacking, and earthquake protection. He concluded with pressure safety while emptying barrels, and an overview of PPE and best practices for chemical handing. Andrew then gave a few resources for further information, and received questions.

MBAA RMD Meeting February 2017 | Breckenridge Brewery

After Andrew’s presentation, Dana introduced Sean Doyle from DEWCO, Inc. who presented on CIP systems, and the benefits of automation. Sean went over automated CIP systems, and the advantages as far as reducing consumption, safety hazards, and human error. In addition to automation, he discussed the benefit of a recovery type vs. single use CIP system. He then broke down automated recovery systems into good, better, and best, which had varying degrees of automated control and system checks. Sean then opened the floor for questions.

Dana gave the closing remarks, and thanked Breckenridge for their hospitality.

The next district meeting will be the technical summit at CSU on Saturday, May 20th .


Brynn Keenan
Publicity Chair
Master Brewers Association of the Americas – District Rocky Mountain
February, 2017

MBAA-RMD – Feb. 23, 2017 Meeting

Thursday, February 23, 2017
5:30pm – 9:00pm

The meeting will be held at: Breckenridge Brewery, 2920 Brewery Lane, Littleton, CO

Program for Meeting

6:30-7:30pmTour of Brewery
7:30-7:45pmBusiness Meeting
7:45-8:45pmTechnical Presentation

Malt Barley Breeding for Local and Global Issues
Presented by Gary Hanning, Director of Global Barley Reserch, Anheuser Busch InBev

Proactive Quality Tools: Adding Value & Avoiding Headaches, From Post-Boil to Bottle
Presented by Jermaine Lindsey, Director of Brewery Sales, Invisible Sentinel

*No outside beer will be accepted at this meeting. Staff has the discretion to cut-off anyone who appears intoxicated.

Registration is SOLD OUT!

At the door registrations will not be accepted