MBAA-Rocky Mountain Technical Summit – Technical Program

Program for the Day

Download the MBAA-RMD Technical Summit Program Booklet

(Various beers donated by breweries will be available for tasting during the day)

7:30-8:30amSponsors and posters set up
8:00-8:30amCheck-in, Breakfast and Social
8:30-8:35amWelcome and opening of the meeting
8:35-9:05amSession Ia – CSU welcome address - Fermentation Science and Technology at CSU and Fostering Collaboration - Jeff McCubbin, PhD, Dean of College of Health and Human Sciences
9:05-9:10amSession 1b - Education-Community-Networking; Premier Business Education for Beverage Professionals - Felicia Zamora, Assistant Director
9:10-9:55Session II - The effect of different processing parameters on the transfer of hop aroma compounds to beer - Grant M. Ruehle, Chemist, New Belgium Brewing Co.
9:55-10:20amCoffee break - Poster session
10:20-11:00amSession III – Automation upgrades from a Manual brewhouse operation – Brian Armstrong - Burkert Fluid Control Systems
11:00-11:40amSession IV - Sustainable water management: A dual solution to generate energy while cleaning water. Matt Silver, CEO of Cambrian Innovation
11:40am-1:00pmLunch - Poster session
1:00-1:40pmSession V – The “Basics” of the Can & Bottle filling process for Beer. Key fundamentals of the filling process from the Bright Beer Tank until it leaves the filler - James R. Dillman, Senior Product Specialist Fillers, KHS USA, Inc.
1:40-2:20pmSession VI – Aluminum Canned Craft Beer – David Scheurman, Technical advisor, Ball Corp.
2:20-3:00pmBreak – Poster session
3:00-3:40pmSession VII – From Field to Foam, the development and current status of the Fermentation Science and Technology degree program at Colorado State University - Jeffrey R. Callaway, College of Health and Human Sciences
3:40-4:00pmBrewers Forum, all presenters available
4:00-4:55pmPoster session
4:55-5:00pmClosing the Meeting
5:00-5:30pmRemoval of posters, etc.; Walk to Black Bottle Brewing
5:45pm-????After meeting social at Black Bottle Brewing. (Tour, food, and a good time)

List of poster presentations

(not all presenters present)

  1. Holistic Heat Storage System for Breweries – Interface for Renewable Energy Resources – Tobias Becher, Ziemann International GmbH, Germany
  2. Biofouling & Process Cleaning: A Practical Approach to Understanding What’s Happening on Your Pipe Walls. – Mark Fornalik, Ethox International, Life Sciences Division, New York
  3. The loss of carbon dioxide and oxygen build up in process vessels caused by the circulation of cleaning in place solution – George Agius, Joihnson Diversey Inc. , Canada
  4. A review of the cost analysis of iso-octane regeneration for re-use in beer bitterness analysis – Ben Bailey, Tröegs Brewing Company, Pennsylvania
  5. Brew Water Treatment – Chemical Reduced Process – Henri Fisher, Product Manager Krones Inc., Wisconsin
  6. Automated Quantification of Budding Saccharomyces Cerevisiae using a Novel Image Cytometry Method – Leo Chan, Head of Technology R& D, Nexcelom Bioscience – Massachusetts
  7. Safe and Environmentally-Friendly Method for On-Site Cleaning and Repassivation of 304 Stainless Steel Pasteurizer Components ChemTreat – Jack L. Bland Jr. , Virgina
  8. The Advantages of On-Demand Steam vs. Conventional Systems – Leslie Adebayo, LEED A.P., Miura North America, Inc., Georgia
  9. Moisture in Concrete – Norm Klapper, Process Equipment Corporation, Boulder, Colorado
  10. Coupled Energy and Water Systems – The Key to become a Sustainable and Self-sustaining Brewer – Stephan Dittrich , M&L Engineering GmbH, Germany

The selected Posters listed are on display during this meeting