MBAA-RMD Press Release – August 2015

On August 11, 2015, Rocky Mountain District held its fall meeting at Avery Brewing Company. The meeting started with social hour, tours of the new facility, and dinner.

Vice President Dana Johnson started the formal meeting with introducing John Bryce, the new Technical Director. John gave a brief presentation on “What can the MBAA do for you?”. The presentation gave a brief history on the MBAA, from its founding in 1887 to its focus on its values, especially being all-inclusive and welcoming of everyone that is interested. John then went on to describe the various resources and tools available online to members, including past technical quarterlies, webinars, and courses and scholarships that are offered through the program. John wrapped up his presentation with using social media as a tool to help reach more people in the brewing industry.

Dana then went on to introduce Dodie Doyle, Entertainment Chair, who talked on the upcoming out-of-towner and technical meeting in Steamboat Springs in October. Jeff Callaway, the Director of Industry Outreach for Colorado State University’s Fermentation Science and Technology program, spoke briefly on the program as well as spoke of a couple of job opportunities through the program. President John Kemp followed up with Jeff’s talk with reaffirming the MBAA-RMD’s commitment to CSU’s program with ongoing donations over the years to come. John then wrapped up the smaller presentations with thanking Avery for their hospitality.

Dana then introduced Andy “Hollywood” Parker, who presented on how to be successful with a barrel aging program. Andy is the Barrel Herder at Avery and heads their special projects. He helped start their barrel aging program 10 years ago, starting with 12 barrels of beer at a time. They started the program with 30 physical barrels, have grown to house 1100 currently, and are expecting to have close to 2500 by December. The two main points that Andy presented on were the importance of selecting the right equipment and establishing good quality practices. Andy went over various pieces of equipment for putting the beer into the barrels as well as de-barreling the beer and the pros-and-cons of each piece along with what the overall goal of each step is. With quality, Andy brought up the importance of tasting and checking barrels individually over time, with heavy emphasis on having multiple people tasting the barrels as everyone’s palette is different and can pick up different flavor characters at varying intensities.

Andy Parker (left) presenting to MBAA-RMD at Avery Brewing Company - August 11, 2015
Andy Parker (left) presenting to MBAA-RMD at Avery Brewing Company – August 11, 2015

After Andy’s presentation, Dan Driscol from Avery was lined up as the second speaker but the meeting had ran out of time so he will be presenting on a future date.
Dana then gave the closing remarks. He reminded everyone of the out-of-towner coming up and thanked Avery again for their hospitality.

The next district meeting will be held at MillerCoors Brewing in Golden, Colorado, in November.

Tony Rau
Publicity Chair
Master Brewers Association of the Americas – District Rocky Mountain
August 2015

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