MBAA District Rocky Mountain Press Release – August 2012

District Rocky Mountain held its summer meeting at the Rockyard American Grill & Brewing Co.
in Castle Rock, CO on Wednesday, August 8th. Jim Stinson, Brewmaster at Rockyard American
Grill & Brewing Co., spoke about going from “Pub to Production.”

As always, the meeting started off with a social hour, featuring a large selection of tasty Rockyard
beers. Those who arrived on time were taken on a tour of the packaging area and brewery given
by Jim Stinson. Then, after socializing, President Gary Dick welcomed everyone to the meeting
and gave a description of what to expect at September’s upcoming out-of-towner meeting in
Estes Park, CO Sept. 21-23rd. A financial report was given by Treasurer James Canary, detailing
the current account balance and a reminder of scholarship opportunities available to members.
Membership Chair Dana Johnson updated that there are approximately 240 members in the
district, and he is aiming for 275 by the November meeting at MillerCoors in Golden, CO.

After the short business meeting, Rockyard provided the hungry attendees with an assortment of
their new brick oven pizzas, all of which were delicious! Then, Jim Stinson detailed the history of
Rockyard, beginning in 1999 up to the present time. To better utilize the brewery, Jim stated that
Rockyard began packaging their beer for off-premise sales. Jim also detailed the reasons for
packaging beer and the changes that occurred along the way, from originally packaging just a few
cases a day to the current production of multiple pallets using the present system. Sales are so
brisk that Rockyard is currently looking for an off-site location for a production brewery to keep up
with demand for their packaged beer.

As is customary, the evening concluded with a very lively raffle of prizes supplied by many of the
members, including a large selection of Rockyard shirts. The next meeting of District Rocky
Mountain will be the annual “Technical Out-of-Towner” hosted by the Estes Park Brewing Co. in
Estes Park, CO on September 21-23rd. Please make plans to attend!

Dana Johnson, filling in for:
Tamar Banner
Publicity Chair
Master Brewers Association of the Americas – District Rocky Mountain
August 10, 2012