MBAA-RMD Press Release August 2017

On Friday, August 18th Rio Bravo Brewing hosted the MBAA Rocky Mountain District Out of Towner in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The meeting began with opening remarks by President Dana Jonson, and John Seabrooks of Rio Bravo Brewing. Dana then introduced John Gozigian from the New Mexico Brewers Guild, who spoke about craft brewing in New Mexico.

After John’s segment, Jake Capron from Proximity Malting was introduced. He spoke about flavor development during malting, and opened the floor to questions.

Dr. Kevin Lombard from New Mexico State University then spoke about the AMBA winter barley trials. After questions for Dr. Lombard were concluded, Dr. Lance Lusk was introduced. Dr. Lusk went over Sci-Tech for Improving shelf life. Dr Lusk was then followed by Amber Beye, who covered hop growing in Southern Colorado.

Amber was followed by John Seabrooks, who spoke about hop flavor in beer. Closing remarks were given afterward by John Seabrooks, and Dodie Doyle. The group then left Rio Bravo Brewing for lunch and tours at Boxing Bear. Lunch was followed by tasting and tours at Le Cumbre, and Marble Brewery.

The next MBAA Rocky Mountain District meeting will be held in November at Crazy Mountain Brewing in Denver.


Brynn Keenan
Publicity Chair
Master Brewers Association of the Americas – District Rocky Mountain
August, 2017

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MBAA-RMD Press Release – February 2017

On February 24th, 2017, the Rocky Mountain District held its winter meeting at Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton, CO.

President Dana Johnson started the formal meeting with discussion of an upcoming event at Left Hand Brewing. He then went over the financials of the Rocky Mountain MBAA District, and encouraged members to apply for the available scholarship opportunities.

Dana then introduced Andrew Dagnan, from Breckenridge Brewery. Andrew presented on the safe handling of barrel aged beers. The topics included the safety issues associated with transportation, stacking, washing, and emptying of barrels. The overview of transportation included forklift use and management, manual handlers, and forklift attachments for moving single barrels. Andrew then went over proper storage of barrels including rack inspection, proper stacking, and earthquake protection. He concluded with pressure safety while emptying barrels, and an overview of PPE and best practices for chemical handing. Andrew then gave a few resources for further information, and received questions.

MBAA RMD Meeting February 2017 | Breckenridge Brewery

After Andrew’s presentation, Dana introduced Sean Doyle from DEWCO, Inc. who presented on CIP systems, and the benefits of automation. Sean went over automated CIP systems, and the advantages as far as reducing consumption, safety hazards, and human error. In addition to automation, he discussed the benefit of a recovery type vs. single use CIP system. He then broke down automated recovery systems into good, better, and best, which had varying degrees of automated control and system checks. Sean then opened the floor for questions.

Dana gave the closing remarks, and thanked Breckenridge for their hospitality.

The next district meeting will be the technical summit at CSU on Saturday, May 20th .


Brynn Keenan
Publicity Chair
Master Brewers Association of the Americas – District Rocky Mountain
February, 2017

MBAA-RMD Press Release – February 2016

On February 10, 2016, Rocky Mountain District held its winter meeting at Dry Dock Brewing Company’s North location. The meeting started with social hour and self-guided tours around the facility followed by announcements and dinner.

Business announcements began with President Dana Johnson thanking Dry Dock for hosting the meeting. Past-President John Kemp introduced this year’s e-board again as a re-cap from the meeting at Coors in November. He also talked about upcoming events scheduled for this next year: on May 20th Colorado State University will be hosting the RMD Technical Summit and World Beer Congress coming up in August from the 13th to the 17th. The annual out-of-towner was also brought up at this time, taking place on the weekend of July 9th and planned for Salida right now. MillerCoors will be our last quarterly meeting this year and the date is not set as of right now.

Kevin DeLange, one of the owners of Dry Dock, presented first on the importance of developing standard operating procedures (SOPs). Dry Dock produced over 20,000 barrels of beer last year with their expansion into their North Dock facility, which houses a 40 barrel, 4 vessel system. This facility with planned expansions should be able to boost their overall volume to 60,000 barrels in the upcoming years. Kevin opened his presentation talking about the purpose of SOPs and why they are important: they focus on quality, it allows for transparency through departments, helps with efficiency improvements, and is a living document, allowing all employees to be involved with reviewing and modifying them. Kevin then went over their in-house procedures for developing them and the process of reviewing and approving them. He also gave examples of not only departments having them, but specifics as well to elaborate on how detail oriented they need to be, for example not just having a single brewhouse SOP, but one for each step along the way such as lautering, boil, whirlpool, etc.

The second presenter was Dan Driscol of Avery Brewing Company presenting on “Multiple Yeast Strain Management: A Genetic Approach”. Avery uses multiple yeast strains consistently and keeping beer uniformity is a big deal. Dan opened his presentation discussing what quality assurance questions need to be addressed to make this happen, driving home the point of beer consistency via yeast health while maintaining 40+ different brands per year being produced by 6 different yeast strains for the majority of the brands. Dan went on to discuss their quality control program for monitoring bacterial contamination or yeast cross-contamination, with the first step in detection occurring in the lab on agar plating followed by sensory data backing this up. This is important to look at as any beer that is no longer sellable costs money and time at the end of the day. To help aid in preventing this and adding another step of security, Dan reached out and was working with the University of Colorado’s BioFrontiers Campus, the Robin Dowell Lab in particular. This lab is a next generation sequencing lab that is helping to develop various genetic markers per yeast strain to allow for real-time identification via PCR. By doing this, Avery is able to look at any fermentation or yeast source they want and test for specific genes to ensure only the desired flavor compounds are being developed, typically due to a cross-contamination of yeast strains. Dan talked about the downsides to this method and the amount of work necessary for this due to it being yeast strain specific, and consequentially brewery specific, and the cost of the tests. Dan wrapped up his presentation reminding everyone that consistency matters and to invest in getting a better understanding of your beer.

Big thanks to Kevin and Dan for their presentations and information shared with the district.

dan driscoll at Dry Dock

Kevin DeLange at Dry Dock

MBAA-RMD Press Release – August 2015

On August 11, 2015, Rocky Mountain District held its fall meeting at Avery Brewing Company. The meeting started with social hour, tours of the new facility, and dinner.

Vice President Dana Johnson started the formal meeting with introducing John Bryce, the new Technical Director. John gave a brief presentation on “What can the MBAA do for you?”. The presentation gave a brief history on the MBAA, from its founding in 1887 to its focus on its values, especially being all-inclusive and welcoming of everyone that is interested. John then went on to describe the various resources and tools available online to members, including past technical quarterlies, webinars, and courses and scholarships that are offered through the program. John wrapped up his presentation with using social media as a tool to help reach more people in the brewing industry.

Dana then went on to introduce Dodie Doyle, Entertainment Chair, who talked on the upcoming out-of-towner and technical meeting in Steamboat Springs in October. Jeff Callaway, the Director of Industry Outreach for Colorado State University’s Fermentation Science and Technology program, spoke briefly on the program as well as spoke of a couple of job opportunities through the program. President John Kemp followed up with Jeff’s talk with reaffirming the MBAA-RMD’s commitment to CSU’s program with ongoing donations over the years to come. John then wrapped up the smaller presentations with thanking Avery for their hospitality.

Dana then introduced Andy “Hollywood” Parker, who presented on how to be successful with a barrel aging program. Andy is the Barrel Herder at Avery and heads their special projects. He helped start their barrel aging program 10 years ago, starting with 12 barrels of beer at a time. They started the program with 30 physical barrels, have grown to house 1100 currently, and are expecting to have close to 2500 by December. The two main points that Andy presented on were the importance of selecting the right equipment and establishing good quality practices. Andy went over various pieces of equipment for putting the beer into the barrels as well as de-barreling the beer and the pros-and-cons of each piece along with what the overall goal of each step is. With quality, Andy brought up the importance of tasting and checking barrels individually over time, with heavy emphasis on having multiple people tasting the barrels as everyone’s palette is different and can pick up different flavor characters at varying intensities.

Andy Parker (left) presenting to MBAA-RMD at Avery Brewing Company - August 11, 2015
Andy Parker (left) presenting to MBAA-RMD at Avery Brewing Company – August 11, 2015

After Andy’s presentation, Dan Driscol from Avery was lined up as the second speaker but the meeting had ran out of time so he will be presenting on a future date.
Dana then gave the closing remarks. He reminded everyone of the out-of-towner coming up and thanked Avery again for their hospitality.

The next district meeting will be held at MillerCoors Brewing in Golden, Colorado, in November.

Tony Rau
Publicity Chair
Master Brewers Association of the Americas – District Rocky Mountain
August 2015

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MBAA-RMD Press Release – February 2015

On February 2, 2015, Rocky Mountain District held its winter meeting at Fort Collins Brewery. The meeting started with social hour and food followed by an optional tour around the brewery.
Business announcements began with President Jonathan Kemp welcoming new members and introducing some of the new members to the e-board as well as some role changes to existing board members. The new treasurer, Carly Brown, went over our current state of finances. Ali Hamm, the secretary and head of memberships, proceeded to announce that our district now has over 300 members. Next, Katie Fromuth, Technical Co-chair – Quality Assurance, reminded members that if their workplace is interested in hosting a meeting to contact her, as the meeting place for August has yet to be determine. Katie then proceeded to introduce the first speaker.

MBAA RMD February 2015Thomas Barnett, the Operations Manager at Fort Collins Brewery, was the first speaker and went over the history of the brewery. The brewery opened in 2003 as a German lager producing facility at the location Funkwerks currently resides. In 2004, the brewery changed ownership, being purchased by Tom and Jan Peters and began to brew ales. In 2008 they started to plan the current location of the brewery and restaurant and moved to the location in 2010. Thomas went over the technology they had purchased along the way to help foster creativity as well as help increase the quality of beer, two important aspects to growing breweries. He concluded with touching on the barrel program they are launching and giving hints at what to look forward to.

The second presenter was Troy Casey, creator of Casey Brewing and Blending. Opening in 2013, Troy presented on what makes them unique as well as the importance of using local ingredients. The beers are 100% barrel fermented and the wort is supplied from another local brewery that uses Casey’s ingredients and instructions before being transported back to Casey Brewing and transferred into the oak. The ingredients Troy uses are very unique, as over 99% of the ingredients come from Colorado. He went on to talk about the pro’s (supporting local, typically organic, differentiation in the marker) and cons (small production size, variability in crops, more expensive at times). Tory believes Farmer’s markets are the easiest and typically best ways to find local ingredients as well as get to know the growers. With that, it can take some planning and communication to know what is coming up, but Colorado is a great source for most fruits: peaches, apricots, cherries, apples, pears, plums, and grapes. Brewing with local ingredients such as the fruit “isn’t easy or perfect but is worth it”. An added benefit of getting to know the growers and local sources is that if they currently do not have what you are looking for, they can be easier to talk to about getting what you need.

After the presentations were complete, Thomas (left) and Troy (right) were given MBAA engraved beer steins as gifts. Thanks to them both for insightful presentations!

The next district meeting will be held at the Fort Collins Anheuser-Busch facility on May 13th, 2015.

Tony Rau
Publicity Chair
Master Brewers Association

MBAA RMD & ASBC Wild West District Press Release – November 11, 2014

This year we had the pleasure of holding our MBAA-ASBC joint technical meeting at one of Denver’s newest brewery, Comrade Brewing Company. Opened this April, its name is inspired by the comradery in the craft brewing community. Owner and ‘Chairman’ David Lin gave a presentation to the group, recounting his woes and triumphs of opening a taproom-based brewery, including zoning issues, food trucks, pint price margins, and scented hand soap. David emphasized the importance of having a highly educated staff, especially after a 20% increase in sales following a GABF medal.

Our next speaker was Katy Benson of Miller Coors, who presented her graduate research from UC Davis on the metabolomics of hops and beer. Through NMR spectroscopy, she found that the metabolite profile of beer was primarily determined during fermentation. After dry-hopping, she saw an increase in amino acids, especially aspargine, that could provide free amino nitrogen (FAN) as yeast food. The most exciting finding was trigonelline; a new compound not previously found in beer. Trigonelline is an alkaloid found in fenugreek and coffee, and known to have anti-diabetic and anti-cancer properties. The sole source of trigonelline in beer was from hops, with a 50% carryover rate. While many metabolites Katy measured in beer do not change sensory of the beer, they may have shelf life effects, and perhaps health effects.

There were significant changes to our Rocky Mountain District announced during our business section. Wyoming, Montana and Idaho have formed the new ‘Intermountain District’ in order to have meetings closer to home. Our RMD executive board went through significant changes with 6 new officers. We are proud to have so many members volunteer for positions!

MBAA District Rocky Mountain Press Release – August 2014

For our Rocky Mountain District’s August meeting, we had the pleasure of being hosted by Odell Brewing Company in Fort Collins, CO. Since our last meeting at Odell over a year ago, the company has undergone major expansions. The brewhouse expanded from a 50 barrel capacity to 100 barrels, along with 8 new 400 barrel outdoor conditioning tanks, including 7 fermenters and 1 bright tank. Also worth mentioning is their newly renovated indoor taproom and outdoor patio, complete with two bars, fire pit, and stage for live music.

With an attendance of approximately 150, members enjoyed Odell’s Matt Bailey’s “Brewhouse Expansion Considerations” presentation. Matt’s mantra throughout his talk rang “plan for growth!” More specifically, 15-20% growth, to keep up with demand for craft beer. Matt emphasized the value of learning from fellow craft brewing friends from (but not limited to) New Belgium, Left Hand, Brooklyn Brewing, Victory and Troegs, who have recently recovered from the growing pains of expanding brewing operations. In Matt’s words: “See [other brewery’s] installations and learn what is liked and not liked.”

Yet choosing a brewhouse is only a part of expanding a brewery’s capacity. Important considerations he presented ranged from level of automation to raw material receiving and storage, and perhaps most important, maintaining coworker involvement and morale during the entire process.

From a practical standpoint, Matt emphasized the importance of designing new buildings around future expansion. Odell Brewing has designed both roofs and floors for future additions of tanks, with crane access. Also, it is important to communicate to suppliers of hardware and raw materials alike on the specifics of your expansion, and to work with them to meet your needs.

Prior to Matt’s presentation, our district business meeting started off on a positive note with President Jon Kemp reporting that our district is financially well-off, and is looking to use excess funds towards scholarships. All members are encouraged to apply! Ali Hamm, PhD candidate at Colorado State University, accepted a $500 scholarship for her trip to MBAA National Conference in Austin, TX, where she gave an oral presentation.

Entertainment Chair Tamar Banner provided more details on our districts Out of Towner meeting September 19-21 in Saratoga, Wyoming, complete with 4 technical sessions, plenty of outdoor activities, and of course, the annual horseshoe tournament! More information and registration can be found at

Technical Director Co-chair Jeff Biegert next put out a call for members to apply for eBoard positions, including, but not limited to: Treasurer, Secretary, Technical chair, and Technical co-chair. Our district is forever grateful for the volunteer services the eBoard members have contributed (many for over 10 years!)

Our next Rocky Mountain District meeting will be the MBAA-ASBC Joint Meeting held this fall. The location and date will be announced soon on our website


Your Rocky Mountain District Secretary

MBAA District Rocky Mountain Press Release – February 2014

The Rocky Mountain District had the pleasure of holding our winter meeting on February 10th at Boulder, Colorado’s newest brewery: Sanitas Brewing Company.

Business announcements began with President Jonathan Kemp welcoming new members. Next, Entertainment Chair Tamar Banner announced the date change of the district Out-of-Towner in Saratoga, Wyoming to the 19-21 September 2014. Technical co-chair Jeff Biegert next reminded members to stay tuned for more details of our 2014 Technical Summit on May 7 at Colorado State University: look forward to a full-day event of oral and poster presentations, and chance to connect with colleagues and suppliers. Jeff then announced our district would provide an endowment to the new Colorado State University Fermentation Sciences undergraduate degree program, in the amount of $1000/year for the next 5 years. The program began in Fall 2013, and offers students a Bachelors of Science in Fermentation Sciences as part of CSU’s Food Science and Health Nutrition department. For more information, contact Jeff Callaway:

Next, the first speaker Michael Memsic, co-founder of Sanitas Brewing Company presented his talk titled: “Why us, and why now,” describing the history of Sanitas brewing. “First you need a team,” and Michael partnered with former Boulder Brewing Company co-worker Chris Coyne, and design expert Zach Nichols. In his presentation, Michael addressed his challenges of being just another new Colorado brewery: “Do we all fit on the shelf? Can we all live this dream?” His conclusion was that if the beer is good, and the craft brewing sector keeps growing as it has, then the answer is… yes!

Our keynote speaker was Joshua Cody, co-owner of Colorado Malting Company and 4th generation barley grower in the Alamosa Valley, CO, representing “the epitome of family-run business,” which pioneered the craft malting business in 2008, and is the only malthouse in the world that grows the barley they malt. The San Luis Valley in southeast Colorado at 7544ft elevation is an ideal place to grow malting barley, with cool temperatures and low humidity. The valley historically, and still is today, a major source of barley destined to Coors malting facility in Golden, CO.
Joshua presented the argument that local, malted barley is nothing new: “We are 100% local. This is not just a niche market; it is the future of business! Or rather the history.” With 5,000% growth in the last 5 years, the Cody family will soon be malting 30,000 lbs a week. They also offer custom malting!

Our meeting concluded with a gift of MBAA stainless engraved beer steins to both Michael and Joshua. Thank you for the great presentations!


Ali Hamm
MBAA Rocky Mountain District Secretary/Publicity Chair/Web Manager

MBAA District Rocky Mountain Press Release – November 2013

On November 7, 2013, Rocky Mountain District held is annual joint meeting with ASBC Wild West chapter at MillerCoors brewery in Golden, CO. The evening’s program began with happy hour and dinner in Bill’s Bar, before heading to the Coors Auditorium for the business portion and technical presentation.

Our business meeting started with updates from Kelly Tretter, ASBC Secretary. Important updates include a change in membership, to include access to the Methods of Analysis and quarterly live webinars. ASBC is also introducing a “Meeting in a Box,” an all-encompassing meeting any brewery can host. The first meeting in a box kicks off on the topic of yeast at Avery Brewery Company January 29, 2014. ASBC technical committee is currently supporting 16 subcommittees and standing committees, continuing to develop the Methods of Analysis. They are doing a short collaborative study to measure VDK in beer by gas chromatography/electron capture detection. Contact Grant Reuhle at

Jon Kemp gave updates from the MBAA national front, giving an overview of MBAA’s Vision and Mission, New programs include an interactive online Brewpedia, and a new short course in Brewing Engineering and Utilities September 2014. Membership, finances and non-profit status was also discussed.

November is election time for MBAA-RMD as well, and we voted in new officers! Congratulations to our 2014 RMD district officers:

Past President – Gary Dick, New Belgium Brewing Co
President – Jon Kemp, Anheuser-Busch Inbev
Vice President/ BOG Rep – Dana Johnson, Birko Corp.
Treasurer – Jim Canary, retired
Secretary/Publicity/Web Manager – Ali Hamm, Willamette Valley Hops and CSU
Entertainment – Tamar Banner, New Belgium Brewing Co
Packaging Chair – Jesse Brookstein, Avery Brewing Co
Technical Co-Chair – Finn Knudsen, Knudsen Beverage Consulting
Technical Co-Chair – Jeff Biegert, New Belgium Brewing Co
Scholarship Chair – Jeff Biegert, New Belgium Brewing Co
Membership – Alex Violette, Upslope Brewing Co
Member at Large – Craig Taylor, Pumphouse Brewing Co
Historian – Dave Thomas, Beer Sleuth Plc

The presenter for our joint meeting was Mustafa Rehmanji, the Global R&D/ Technical Service Manager at Ashland, Inc of Wayne, NJ. The presentation did a great job describing haze-formation and beer stabilization, and offered several strategies to stabilize beer and therefore increase shelf life. A new procedure using “Polyclar Brewbrite, Composite of Kappa Carrageenan and micronized PVPP” has been developed for the brewhouse, allieviating downstream processes and lowering costs. A downstream procedure that was proposed was the use of “Polyclar Plus 730, Composite of Silica Xerogel and Micronized PVPP” just prior to filtration. In summation, Rehmanji offered two procedures to stabilize beer with the addition of a single novel composite, on upstream in the brewhouse and one downstream prior to filtration.

After the presentation was complete, Technical Chair Finn Knudsen presented Mustafa Rehmanji with an engraved mug from the district.


Ali Hamm
Secretary/Publicity Chair/Web Manager
Master Brewers Association of the Americas – District Rocky Mountain
November 2013

MBAA District Rocky Mountain Press Release – August 2012

District Rocky Mountain held its summer meeting at the Rockyard American Grill & Brewing Co.
in Castle Rock, CO on Wednesday, August 8th. Jim Stinson, Brewmaster at Rockyard American
Grill & Brewing Co., spoke about going from “Pub to Production.”

As always, the meeting started off with a social hour, featuring a large selection of tasty Rockyard
beers. Those who arrived on time were taken on a tour of the packaging area and brewery given
by Jim Stinson. Then, after socializing, President Gary Dick welcomed everyone to the meeting
and gave a description of what to expect at September’s upcoming out-of-towner meeting in
Estes Park, CO Sept. 21-23rd. A financial report was given by Treasurer James Canary, detailing
the current account balance and a reminder of scholarship opportunities available to members.
Membership Chair Dana Johnson updated that there are approximately 240 members in the
district, and he is aiming for 275 by the November meeting at MillerCoors in Golden, CO.

After the short business meeting, Rockyard provided the hungry attendees with an assortment of
their new brick oven pizzas, all of which were delicious! Then, Jim Stinson detailed the history of
Rockyard, beginning in 1999 up to the present time. To better utilize the brewery, Jim stated that
Rockyard began packaging their beer for off-premise sales. Jim also detailed the reasons for
packaging beer and the changes that occurred along the way, from originally packaging just a few
cases a day to the current production of multiple pallets using the present system. Sales are so
brisk that Rockyard is currently looking for an off-site location for a production brewery to keep up
with demand for their packaged beer.

As is customary, the evening concluded with a very lively raffle of prizes supplied by many of the
members, including a large selection of Rockyard shirts. The next meeting of District Rocky
Mountain will be the annual “Technical Out-of-Towner” hosted by the Estes Park Brewing Co. in
Estes Park, CO on September 21-23rd. Please make plans to attend!

Dana Johnson, filling in for:
Tamar Banner
Publicity Chair
Master Brewers Association of the Americas – District Rocky Mountain
August 10, 2012