MBAA-RMD Scholarship Program

All members in good standing with one-year of tenure in District Rocky Mountain are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

The scholarship is set up to provide partial reimbursement of fees or associated costs relating to the applicant’s furthering of his/her knowledge and understanding of the malting and brewing fields. The funds awarded to the applicant can be applied to any necessary expense related to his/her educational experience, including but not limited to, course fees, travel and meal costs, and book purchase.

The District’s Scholarship Committee will determine the amount to be awarded to the applicant up to a limit of $500.00 or fifty-percent of the cost of the applied for expense, or whichever is less.

Awarding of the scholarship funds will be made upon receipt by the committee the applicant’s proof within six weeks of the expenditure that the represented qualifying event has occurred and been paid for in full.

In order to be considered for a District Rocky Mountain scholarship the applicant must complete a scholarship award application. The application process is to be done via e-mail to Craig Taylor (MBAA RMD Scholarship Chair) at: with MBAA Scholarship in the “Subject” line and include the following.

  1. Name and date of application
  2. Permanent mailing and e-mail addresses
  3. Date of membership in District Rocky Mountain
  4. Educational background from high school completion through to present. Include fields of study if applicable.
  5. A synopsis of employment history within the past 3-5 years with considerable detail given to positions related to brewing, malting or associated businesses.
  6. Special achievements, honors or recognitions received
  7. A description of how the applicant became interested in the industry and how she/he got to where she/he is.
  8. The details of the specific expense for which the funds are being sought and why it is felt the applicant and/or District will benefit from the experience.
  9. The name of a current District member who supports and endorses the applicant and the application.
  10. Two personal references within the District, with contact information, who are willing to attest to the applicant’s commitment to the industry and the District’s
    goals and objectives.

The applicant is expected to submit a written summary and deliver a verbal presentation describing his or her technical experience and how he or she benefited from the experience at the MBAA Rocky Mountain District meeting immediately following the reimbursement..

Any misrepresentation on an application or supporting documentation will disqualify the applicant from receiving scholarship funds.